Home Sweet Home

Kategori : Belgesel
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Yönetmen : David Morlet
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Metraj : UZUN
Seslendiren : Ünsal Coşar
Sesli Betimleme Metin Yazarı : Nezahat Şalkamcı
Ayrıntılı Alt Yazı Çevirmeni : Hatice Başpınar
İşaret Dili Çevirmeni : Volkan Kurt
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A family secret, it’s a time-bomb! Albert and Gideon form for thirty years an original ’couple’: fundamentally opposed characters, they share the same house since the death of Albert’s wife. When Claire, Albert’s daughter, just comes and recharges her batteries with her ’parents’ after two years of radio silence and a few sentimental hard times, she is not going to find the comfort she awaited for : this atypical family trio will see the secrets of a ’flower power’ past resurface after its discovery by a cop as much of a sleuth as a pathetic seducer.